Our Tiny Tots dance class is loved by toddlers and young children as it introduces little ballerinas to basic ballet technique while encouraging the development of imagination, creativity, confidence, coordination, posture, body control & awareness, and social skills. Children’s imagination is a key focus in the program, with beautiful props and our favourite fairy “Fairy Sparkle” being incorporated into each class.

The primary aim of our 2-3 year old classes is to encourage our ballerinas to follow instruction, learn basic technique, and foster their imagination, confidence, and love of dance.

The Tiny Tot class runs for 30 minutes and costs $140 for the term. Parents participate as much as their child requires, and are asked to stay in the room during class.

Our classes help children learn how to:

  • Understand basic ballet language and technique
  • Listen, follow instructions and take directions from the teacher
  • Move with poise, balance and grace
  • Incorporate and work with props, encouraging fine and gross motor development
  • Imagine characters and scenes, fostering creativity and imagination
  • Freely express themselves through improvisation
  • Work within a group and as an individual
  • Early performance work – great for confidence building

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We look forward to seeing your little one twirling and tiptoeing in ballet class soon!