It’s important to us that all of our dancers feel beautiful, comfortable and a part of the Fairy Footsteps family!

All of our ballerinas are asked to wear the Fairy Footsteps Ballet Dress or Leotard to class, to encourage a sense of belonging, unison, and discipline.

You can order your child’s uniform from our online boutique, and their uniform will be provided to them in class. Remember that ballet shoes are required, so it’s a great time to order those as well!

Your child can wear anything they feel beautiful dancing in until they receive their uniform. Bare feet are also fine if you’re waiting on ballet shoes!

Please note: our uniforms are a snug fit if anything. If your child is between sizes, we recommend you opt for the larger size.
Uniforms are compulsory and are to be worn to class each week, along with ballet shoes.

For boys we have our FF tee, which can be worn over plain black shorts or leggings.

Shoes: Our dancers are required to wear ballet shoes to class. These must have non-slip soles (leather) and can be purchased from our Boutique, a dance store or most department stores.

Our Boutique: We have a range of beautiful dancewear, dresses, and props available in our Boutique, including ballet tights, shoes, dance bag and jacket. When ordering your child’s first uniform, you can add as many extra items as you like and you’ll receive free shipping on the whole order!

Hair: Hair should be neat and pulled back in ponytail or ballet bun.

RESTRICTED ITEMS (for safety):

For safety we do not allow the following items to be worn or brought to class.

Non-Ballet Shoes – Jiffies, socks or other ballet/dance shoes that have a slippery sole. For trial classes, children can have bare feet. If you child is wearing tights or socks, they must wear ballet shoes.

Jewellery – Please keep to a minimum.

Fairy Wings

Props/Toys/Wands – we love children to be creative so we provide all the props our ballet fairies need for classes. We ask that you leave props/toys/soft toys at home.