Magical ballet classes designed to foster your child’s imagination, confidence and happiness!  

What do parents say about our program?

“Fairy Footsteps has bought a lot of happiness to our daughter! She has learnt a lot the past two years, with the bonus of making new friends! Not only do the children learn Ballet and have a great time, they have the opportunity to practice some important concepts in preparation for Kindergarten such as waiting their turn, following both simple & more complex instructions, being gentle and respectful of items that do not belong to them, switching activities constructively, accepting they will not always get their colour or place of preference (which can be a big thing for some young children to accept). The teacher’s are patient, gentle and very well spoken. I would recommend Fairy Footsteps to anyone without hesitation! The past two years would not have been the same without Fairy Footsteps.”  (Cherie, Baldivis Mum)

Fairy Footsteps is all about the three F’s….FUN, FOUNDATIONS & FAMILY!  

Fun: At Fairy Footsteps, our number one aim is for every child to leave their class asking “when can I go back again?” and we know that offering classes that are fun plays a big part in achieving that goal.  We want to foster each of our students’ creativity, imagination and confidence through the magical and enchanting activities we do. We want them to feel inspired and boost their self esteem by encouraging and nurturing them to feel like real fairy ballerinas. And above all else, we want to help them build friendships so that they feel welcomed and connected during every class.

Foundations: When your child enters the wonderful world of ballet we believe it’s important they are taught the foundations of solid technique. We aim to offer more than just little fairies running around like butterflies! Through the use of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet technique, which is one of the top ballet training curricula in the world, we believe that every one of our students will finish our program with the skills required to go forward and fulfil their dreams as a dancer.

Family: We have a family friendly policy at Fairy Footsteps, meaning parents are always welcome to stay and experience the magic of our classes with their children. I remember taking my daughter to her first ballet lesson at the tiny age of two, and having to fight the other mums to try and catch a glimpse of her through a small crack in a window. I knew then that I was missing out on a very special moment in her life, and that’s not something I would ever expect the parent’s of our ballerinas to miss out on. But the choice is yours! If you feel your child would benefit from participating without you there, then that’s completely fine too!

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