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Studio Policies


These policies are designed with the sole purpose of  creating and maintaining a standard of respect and caring in all our classes which is vital for children and parents alike.

Class etiquette

Please be punctual to all lessons for the benefit of all children.
Please take your child to the toilet prior to the lesson if need be.
Please have your child dressed in the required outfit for the lesson so they feel comfortable and part of the group.
Please be respectful to other children, parents and the teacher and if you have any questions or queries please speak to the teacher after class or ring the director.

Parent/carer/guardian responsibilities

Staying on premises

During classes parents need to remain on the premises but if possible but preferably not in the room where lessons are conducted. This is to reduce distraction so that your child can focus on the class and bond with the teacher and other children.
You agree that it is your responsibility to stay within the premises or grounds of the premises so that you are available should your child need you (to take them to the toilet or if they feel upset for any reason).
You agree that you are responsible for the safety and well being of your child at all times and if you leave the premises or grounds (which we do not recommend) that you will be contactable by phone at all times and return immediately should the teacher contact you.
You agree that if your child is unwell or has a medical condition you are fully responsible for the well being of your child.
Teachers must be notified of any medical condition that your child may have.

Before class starts

You agree to have you child fully ready, dressed, been to the toilet and organized before class starts.
You will notify the teacher if your child has an injury or condition that is new to us that wasn’t mentioned on enrolment.
You agree to be available to answer questions the teacher might have prior to the class.

After class and pick up time

You are responsible for picking up your child after class or making arrangements for pick up. If someone else apart from the person who dropped your child off is picking them up you will let the teacher know. The teacher is not responsible for supervising who picks up children after class and parents should always be present at the close of class.
You agree that you are responsible for writing your child’s name and the name and phone number of the person who will pick them up if it’s someone other than yourself and that you will give these details to the teacher at the beginning of class.
You agree to pick your child up from the class promptly so that your child does not have to stay during part of the next class.

Enrolment and re-enrolment

All enrolments are to be completed via the Fairy Footsteps website
Re-enrolments for the following terms are also completed via our online payment system. Re-enrolments need to happen prior to the next term’s commencement otherwise your child/children’s place will be released and open to another child.
The registration fee is a one-off and does not need to be paid on re-enrolment.

Missed lessons

Missed lessons are not refunded or exchanged instead your child may come along to a ‘make-up’ lesson on another day or week of the same class. Please phone Head Office to book your child’s make up lesson.


You agree to pay the full term fees plus initial registration fee (one-off only) by the date specified on the website.
Children joining mid-term are charged for the remainder of the lessons in that term. These fees must be paid prior to your child starting the classes.
Fees are not to be discussed with teachers. All fee discussions need to be directed to head office.
Cash or any form of payment will not be accepted by teachers.


We do understand that a child may find that after one or two classes that Fairy Footsteps is not for them so we offer a refund system during the first two weeks of term.

If your child wants to withdraw from class you can withdraw them before the 3rd class you will receive a 50% refund which will be paid back to you by EFT. This is arranged through our Head Office.
Withdrawal with the 50% refund is only offered after the first one or two lessons.
If you withdraw your child after three or more lessons for whatever reason, we are unable to refund fees for you.

Final class viewing of every term

Parents/carers/guardians are invited to view the final class of each term to give the children have an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt.
At this viewing class parents/carers/guardians may take photographs throughout the lesson.
At the viewing class, the teacher may take photos or videos in the last 10 minutes of the class to be used for marketing purposes on our website or marketing materials. Parents whose children participate in the photographs or videos will be required to sign a release form allowing the use of photographs in marketing materials.
Parents, carers/guardians who do not wish photographs of their child to appear in marketing materials need to inform the teacher and withdraw their child before photographing/recording commences during the last 10 minutes of the class.
Participation in photograph/video sessions are entirely voluntary, there is absolutely no obligation to participate.
Any parent/carers/ guardians who do not wish to have their child present in photographs can take their child home prior to photographs being taken in the last 10 minutes of class.