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Our Uniform


Fairy Footsteps provides your little dancer with the required uniform for our lessons.

REQUIRED UNIFORM: Apart from children enrolled in the Tiny Tots class, our ballerinas are required to wear a Fairy Sparkle Dress to class. This dress will be provided for a $30 uniform fee, which should be paid along with your term fee. This dress is then yours to keep, and can be used for subsequent terms. If you require a new dress or size at any stage during your enrolment, the $30 fee will apply.

We also require your child to wear Leather Ballet shoes, most importantly a grip sole to decrease slipping (no Jiffies as these can lead to trips and slips).

TINY TOTS: For those ion the Tiny Tots class, we encourage you to dress your child in a fairy dress or dance clothes they feel comfortable in. You are welcome to purchase a Fairy Sparkle Dress from us, but it is not required. Bare feet are also fine for our Tiny Tots.


  • Tights – Flesh, pink or white ballet tights
  • Wrap- for colder days

HAIR: Hair should be neat and pulled back in ponytail, bunches or ballet bun

For the safety of your child and other children please don’t allow your child to wear:

  • Non-Ballet Shoes – Jiffies, socks or other ballet or dance shoes that have a slippery sole. For trial classes, children can wear bare feet.
  • Jewellery – Please keep to a minimum.
  • Skirts – Long skirts, dress ups, ballet tutus. Our Fairy Sparkle Dress is the required dress.
  • Fairy Wings
  • Props/Toys/Wands – we love children to be creative so we provide  props for our ballet fairies to use in class.  Please leave props/toys/soft toys at home.

 BOYS – For all classes we welcome boys.

  • Black shorts (plain)
  • White t-shirt (plain, with no motifs or writing)
  • Black, tan or white canvas ballet flats or leather jazz shoes